Whether you’re shopping for a band saw, circular saw, scroll or reciprocating saw, it is important to buy the right type and quality of saw blade in order to ensure you get a smooth, safe and accurate cut every time. Its worth your while to be selective, shop around and make sure you get the right saw blade, not just for your particular tool but also for the application. There can be a great different between saw blade types when it comes to the different materials you’re working with.





We offer a range of saw blades to cover specific brands, different types of saws and a variety of applications. Search through the saw blade categories to find the correct section for your needs, and then browse through the selection of Suggested Saw Blades in each category.

When selecting the best saw blades for the task ahead of you, it’s important to consider the materials you’ll be cutting, the angles you want to achieve and the overall smoothness of the cut. Saw blade manufacturers have gone to great lengths to specify exactly which scenarios their blades are ideally suited to, so reading the manufacturer description of the blade is a good starting point. Beyond that, you should consider consulting user reviews of each inidividual saw blade, as this will give you some insights not only into its application, but also the blade’s durability, precision and reliability over time. If you want to go into the specifics, consider the number of teeth, tooth configuration, gullet, hook angle, kerf width, play thickness and blade build in relation to the intended application. We recommend you play close attention to saw blade teeth, especially the type of carbide that is used. This can affect the number of times the blade can be sharpened and how long it will stay sharp between sharpenings. The blade plate is another important factor; ensure your saw blade has a strong, rigid alignment, so that the alignment of the blade plate stays as close to flat as possible and maintains its position during the cut. Straight cuts are crucial, and the blade plate plays a major role.